furrycat's SWAT3 mods

Released mods by furrycat, sorted in reverse chronological order.

Please note that, following the hard drive crash which destroyed this site, not all of the download links below may work. Most of these mods (if not all) can be downloaded at 10-David.

Please note that the white uniforms featured in many of the screenshots can be downloaded from the [furryclan] downloads section.

3D Studio MAX
Download: version 2.5 (2002-09-21, 369Kb)

ScreenshotJust for fun, this one. It's the famous 3D Studio MAX helpers, the SWT biped and gripper templates, packaged into their own mod!

There's also a special surprise hidden in there...

Download: version 2.0 (2002-09-08, 788Kb) version 1.1 (2002-05-26, 643Kb) version 1.0 (2002-05-25, 643Kb)

ScreenshotThe Franchi Sporting Purpose Automatic Shotgun is a military shotgun which combines awesome firepower with equally devastating good looks. The movie director's best friend comes to SWAT3...

Three configurations are available:

With version 2.0 these configurations are available in high and low poly versions:

No stock547243

Tactical Kneeling
Download: version 2.0 (2002-04-09, 40Kb) version 1.0 (2002-01-06, 140Kb)

ScreenshotThis modlet replaces SWAT officers' crouching animations with suspect animations converted with gsmhacking. Officers kneel down, presenting a smaller target to suspects and allowing their teammates to cover over their heads.

Version 2.0 of the mod includes a modified version of The Mirror Crack'd, which will not work with Tactical Kneeling 1.0.

Please use this mod in preference to version 1.0 and in addition to any mods which include 1.0.

The Mirror Crack'd
Download: version 1.0 (2002-04-09, 10Kb)

ScreenshotA mini mod which fixes the infamous mirroring levitation bug. DO NOT use this mod with kneel 1.0 or any compilation mods which contain kneel. Use kneel 2.0 instead.

Running Man
Download: version 1.0 (2002-01-30, 30Kb)

ScreenshotThis mod replaces some more SWAT officers' animations. When in dynamic mode they now run - using suspect animations. In stealth they employ a "wounded" movement animation that was never actually seen in the game for a sneaky-beaky effect.

Probably more suited to DMs than Co-op because of the frenzied running about :-)

Modified menu
Download: version 1.2 (2002-01-13, 74Kb) version 1.1 (2001-12-23, 74Kb) version 1.0 (2001-12-23, 74Kb) version 0.9.2 (2001-04-18, 102Kb) version 0.9.1 (2001-04-17, 102Kb) version 0.9.0 (2001-04-16, 101Kb) version 0.2 (2001-04-16, 89Kb) version 0.1 (2001-04-15, 89Kb)

Finally finished, this mod addresses three annoying problems with the SWAT3 command interface. You can call clear at any time, red and blue can hear each other's orders (no more wondering what the EL has the other team doing) and elements can (sort of) communicate between each other..

John Woo Deaths
Download: version 1.0 (2002-01-06, 1.4Mb)

This mod slows down officer, suspect and hostage death animations to add a John Woo-style slow motion finale to every shootout. The animations were modified with gsmhacking.

Stockholm Syndrome
Download: version 1.0 (2001-10-02, 2.8Mb)

ScreenshotThe Stockholm Syndrome mod adds grippers to hostage class characters. Used in conjunction with a custom scenario this can let you use characters such as Marlin Fitzpatrick as bad guys. Two example scenarios are included in the mod.

Please read the README.txt file in the mod zip before using this mod!

Ghost Suspects
Download: version 1.0 (2001-09-03, 4.8Mb)

ScreenshotThis mod tweaks the .gsm files for suspects to reducing the opacity of their textures. In effect, it makes them look like ghosts, hence the name Ghost Suspects.

Ghost Suspects is the followup to Ghost Recon.

Ghost Recon
Download: version 1.0 (2001-09-02, 2.5Mb)

ScreenshotGhost Recon gives you five new skins for co-op and an additional five for deathmatch play. The skins are the same as the default SWAT3 multiplayer officers, but with a twist: thanks to some .gsm file hacking their textures are semi-transparent, making the officers look like ghosts.

Ghost Recon is tested with the default camos and the camos from Commander Pack (which are of course also present in mods like Armed Forces). It will most likely not be compatible with camos from other mods.

MP5 Navy
Download: version 2.0 (2001-09-02, 237Kb) version 1.0 (2001-08-11, 102Kb)

ScreenshotThe Heckler and Koch MP5 "Navy" is a modified version of the famous submachinegun designed to the US Navy SEALs' specifications.

The weapon feature a retractable stock, ambidextrous Navy trigger group (semi-automatic and select fire) and optional suppressor and flashlight.

Four configurations are available in version 2.0 of the MP5 Navy mod:

Floating head of death
Download: version 1.0 (2001-08-12, 124Kb)

ScreenshotThis one's purely for fun. It's a head. That floats. And kills.

Great for deathmatch or 30 suspect killing sprees because it's so hard to hit.


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