furrycat's guide to SWAT3 command line arguments

This guide covers the various command line options you can pass to SWAT3 when starting the game. Some are very useful, some are almost useless and some are just plain bizarre. Have fun.

Using command line options

Setting options on the shortcut

To pass extra arguments to your SWAT3 executable, find the shortcut you use to start the game, right-click on it and choose Properties. To add a particular option, enter it after swat.exe in the command box. For example, to start the game with the -nointro flag, you would edit the command field to read C:\games\swat3\swat.exe -nointro.

A quicker way to test out your options, rather than editing the shortcut each time, is to open up a DOS box, go into your SWAT directory and launch the game with whatever arguments you want. For example:

swat -nointro

Available options

Here are the options you can pass to the game, correct for the 1.7 patch. I've highlighted the most important ones in red. You'll probably want to use these most, if not all, of the time.


The following options don't appear to work.

Unknown flags

As for the following flags, I know about them but haven't figured out what they do.


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